Friday, January 31, 2020

Harlem Shake Essay Example for Free

Harlem Shake Essay I am going to describe what I saw when I watched the Peanuts Harlem Shake video. The Harlem shake is a dance where one person dances alone for fifteen seconds, then a roomfull of people joins in doing crazy gyrating manically dance movements. Sometimes in costumes with random objects sometimes not. The reason I choose this one is because it reminds me of when I was a child and used to watch the Peanuts. On the stage of an auditorium with purple drapes and a pink wooden floor sets a grand piano. Sitting at this piano is Schreoder, a boy that has yellow hair. He is wearing a purple and black striped shirt and black pants. Behind the piano is Snoopy, a white beagle with black ears. Across the piano from Schreoder is Lucy, a girl. She has black hair and a purple dress. She is laying on the floor with her arm resting on the piano relaxing. Schreoder begins to play the piano and the same time as bass drop music as if he was playing it. Lucy is relaxing at the opposite end of piano. Snoopy starts junping up and down , running in place while his arms are spread open. At first they are oblivious to his dancing. Then they notice looking at him oddling. A few seconds later Snoopy stops tired and panting hard. The a voice over a speakers saysDo The Harlem Shake. Then a whole stage of people are dancing manically. Now Snoopy is on the front of the stage. He now has a red guitar and is playing it like a rock star, then stands it up on its end and is dancing around it. Schreoder continues to play piano. On the stage behind piano is Pigpen, a boy that never baths and has dirty clothes. He is strumming on a cello. You can tell he is dirty from the dirt and dust swirling in the air around him. There are twin girls in purple dresses dancing happily bouncing on one foot to the next waving their hands in the air in the middle of the stage. Charlie Brown, a bald boy wearing a yellow shirt with a zigzag black stripe is standing in the corner not knowing what to think about all the craziness. He is holding a megaphone but never uses it as if hes thinking What am I going to do? and just watches confused. Then bass drop music continues, you hear what sounds like a lion roar. The dancing continues. Also in the front of stand next to Snoopy is a spikey haired boy with a orange shirt. He is bouncing on his toes while shrugging his shoulders moving his head from one side to another. Freda, a natural curly brunette is in the back of the stage. She jumping up and down, arms out in front of her waving them back and forth happily. Next to her is a boy with brown hair and a green shirt. He is walking like a zombie with his arms straight out in front of him, then he switches and does the running man dance. In the middle of stange thes a girl in a green dress with black hair. She is doing a dancing like shes puncing someone while jumping. To the right of her is Linus, a boy who alway carries a banket. He is dancing with blanket in his hands, arms to his side moving them up and down. Sally, a blonde hair girl, wearing a blue dress is doing a dance that resembles the drying yourself with a towel. With Charlie Brown still confused, the music ends and so does the dancing. I do believed that the Peanuts did do the first harlem shake, but without the bass music. The video I watched the dance from was from Charlie Brown Christmas,which was produced in 1965. The harlem shake with the bass music started in 2012, 47 years later.

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