Tuesday, February 11, 2020

The Controversy of Ordination of Bill Johnson Essay

The Controversy of Ordination of Bill Johnson - Essay Example In my opinion, an ordination of Bill Johnson was controversial due to his open acknowledgment of the gay in the society despite his position in the church. During this time, the gay persons experienced utter marginalization because of lacking any acceptance in society. The gay was struggling for acceptance even in religious places like the church. A large number of gay individuals that come up during the gay parade was also controversial. This parade takes place in a church compound, a place that signifies purity and holiness. Another controversial feature evident during the ordination of Billy Johnson is the support by different seminary groups that he has served for twenty-five years drawing their reference from the birth of gay rights that occurred in the 1960s – 1970s (Gaustad & Schmidt 398). The youth groups of that particular church express their support by attending Billy’s ordination. To my opinion, this is an indication of the transformation of religion under influence of the young persons. Acceptance of homosexuality is driven by two factors, the religion, and young individuals. I feel that the young individuals are seeking for recognition despite the opposition they face in society. In addition, the young individuals represent other marginalized individuals that have no support to champion their acknowledgment. The church offers a suitable medium that shows expression of the marginalized in society. I feel that the acknowledgment of the gay persons pioneered by Bill Johnson is important to show the liberal nature of the church. Despite opposition from other institutions to recognize the gay individuals, the church under the influence of Bill Johnson expresses recognition of the gay to show that the church is not bound to any form of discrimination.

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